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How Much Of A Reader Are You?

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Reading is bliss. No doubt! But the percentage of the ‘reader’ in oneself varies from person to person. Yes, I know we can’t measure it by a tool or something. But we can always judge how intense a reader you are. And as we are talking about the degree of passion you have about reading, one thing that’s clear is that everybody is a reader.

Some people get their share of reading via newspaper and some are more eclectic readers and take to reading a wide variety of books. So, the only thing that varies is the passion for reading.

And that passion is the ultimate judge here. If you go by the standards, it can be categorised depending on the genre you cover. So, here I’m categorising the reader in you into four categories.

Grading as per the passion for reading, here’s it from A to D.

A: The ultimate reader: S/he is the one who has an eclectic taste when it comes to reading and covers it all — be it fiction, mystery, non-fiction, biography or anything else. All in all, a passionate reader!

B: Book Lover: Now this person is somebody who loves books and for the love of it, reads anything. S/he may have some special genre preferences for fiction or non-fiction.

C: Light Reader: This is the one who is not that a passionate reader who reads books just for the heck of it. He looks at them as another option to pass time.

D: Reader in disguise: In this category, come those who don’t call themselves a reader but in disguise read the newspaper articles, magazines, etc. Quite many fall into this category.

So, considering all these categories, how much of a reader are you?

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