Five Habits of a Book Reader
Hello readers! Hope you’re doing great and reading some awesome books! Though the title throws some light about the blog post, I’d be more than happy to tell you the reason for such a post. BBI Facebook is now a five lakh people community and BBI Twitter is about to hit the 5000 mark. So,… (0 comment)

Top 5 words of 2014
                With Oxford Dictionaries announcing ‘Vape’ as the word of the year, the world is up with their own list of words that should be in the top ten list. With 2015 all set to make its own list, here’s to the words that rocked the year 2014.… (0 comment)

So, Buy Books India had the flash-in-the-pan moment recently. The occasion was to celebrate our relationship with books, the platform was Twitter and the medium was our favourite handle, @buybooksindia. The whole point was to check up on the enthusiasm of the booklovers our BBI handle has got. And the good news is that the… (0 comment)

“Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” This quote by C.S. Lewis plays on my mind time and again. If you’ll ask me of that one thing that has played a tremendous role in my life, I think it’s going to be books, without any doubt. It’s through stories… (0 comment)

Each one of us is suffering from ‘Big Boss’ fever. And as much as we crib about the politics and loudmouths in the show, we love to watch it every night at 9pm religiously. Well, that was about all the drama and all that jazz. But what I’m going to mention here is a step… (0 comment)

Different books, different stories, different perspectives and different learnings. But one thing is for sure, every book teaches us something special. Following the same line, last month Buy Books India did an amazing campaign that went with the theme ’30 Things Books Taught Us’. And as I read all the reasons it mentioned, I thought… (0 comment)

Going gaga over selfies! Is the above line going well with your current state of mind? If yes, then don’t miss out on what I’m going to tell you next. Leveraging this selfie fever to their favour, many brands are every day coming up with the ‘selfie’ contests. But here’s what beats ’em all. Listen… (0 comment)

Soak into Books While It Rains Outside!
Reading is an activity that you can enjoy anytime, any day and any moment. But sometimes things play as a catalyst and throw you into the ‘I’m dying to read a book’ state of mind. Weather is one such catalyst. Well, speaking of weather, monsoon is the time when the reading bug bites you way… (0 comment)

10 Emotions That Every Reader Experiences
Lately, I noticed quite a lot of gifs going around in the internet. Interactive and in your face…such is their appeal! So, I thought why not sum up the emotions that a reader goes through while reading! And here are the top ten expressions that you’d find familiar: 1. Reading is nothing less than a… (1 comment)