In US and UK the ebook fad is expected to generate 50% of the total revenue for the publishing industry by 2016. The major markets for books are quickly turning digital without encroaching on the standard books market. “This growing trend of e-books’, says Ananth Padmabhusan, VP for sales at Penguin India, ‘will not cannibalize… (0 comment)

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) – A term that has been dominating the news TV channels, Parliament, dinner-table discussions, heated debates between intellectuals and most of all the mind of common man, since past few weeks. It concerns me to see the amount of ruckus and distrust the approval of FDI has caused in the nation.… (0 comment)

The best thing about being down and out is that- you can start all over again, that there is no place to go but up, that there is nothing to prove but create, that you aren’t tied down by expectations and limitations of your social circle; the world becomes your canvas and a ground of… (0 comment)

I am not sure if I am an entrepreneur by chance or by design. What I know is I love every minute of it. The very first interaction I had with my enterprise – or any enterprise, for that matter – was when my father, who ran this publishing business lost some money with relation… (1 comment)